Is this Direct Hiring?

No, we are a recruitment firm and we do the first half of the recruitment of the companies. It means, we only do skills and personality assessment and also check your background details. The final process will be done by the company who’s hiring.

Can I apply in multiple openings?

Yes, and we encourage you to. By applying to multiple job openings, you are opening several opportunities for you to get the job that’s perfect for you. It’s important that you also have an option so you won’t be stuck with a job that you don’t like.

What if I wasn’t hired, can I reapply?

Yes, if the position is opened again and you have a significant change in the aspect that was mentioned why you weren’t hired. We will notify you immediately if your profile already matched what we are looking for and if it is still not on that level, we will also let you know.

Do I need to have several years of experience to get hired?

In our current openings, our minimum experience required is 5 years because we are only hiring managerial positions. If you don’t have those required experience, then we can’t process your application as it is the standard of our partner companies.

I am nervous because of my upcoming interview, what should I do?

We have great articles in our blog where you read some interview techniques that you can apply. Just relax and don’t think too much about your interview so you won’t feel the tension. Just be yourself because recruiters can see if you are faking your personality.

How long is the application process?

Normally, it takes around a month to finish the whole process. But don’t worry, we will always inform you of your progress. You’ll know at any point where you are in the process because we believe that it is important to keep the discussion open so there are no unmet expectations.