About Us



We don’t call our selves recruiter. We are Career Guidance Advisors. We don’t want you to have a job. We want you to find a career. That’s why, we have a very strict process so for us to determine whether you are fit in the job, and whether you can excel in the job.

As much as possible, we only pair people who are great in one field and have the ability to grow more in the role. It’s not really about the resume, but the overall qualities that a possible employee should have.

On the side of our partner companies, we also guide them in creating a recruitment process that is tailored cut to what they are looking for. We don’t just do exam because we want to, we do an exam that will highlight someone’s strength and weaknesses instead.


We divide our services into two parts. We have our career guidance for those who are seeking their new path, and we are also creating a career path for companies to help them create and execute their hiring plans.

Career guidance involves a lot of assessment to know their skills level and personality level. We try our best to find out if there is a cultural fit, before assessing if the skills will express a match. Because we believe, if the culture does not blend in, it doesn’t make sense to continue the process.

Creating a career plan is our project with our partner companies. We try to understand their needs and the actual requirement. Not just a resume and their certificates. Then we guide them to execute the process so they can attract great talents.